Guideline for Contributors

Guideline for Contributors

Ethical Guideline
  • The title of the article should be clear, concise and transparent.
  • Author/Coauthor names should be mentioned with Officail Address, email etc.
  • The script should not have been published before submission to the journal.
  • The contributor shall be responsible for any observation made on the publication.
  • The script should be free from the materials that promote the trends of sectarianism.
  • The contributors shall furnish an affidavit duly signed with submission of papers.

Submission Guideline

  • Research papers must be submitted through email:
  • The author shall submit his article in Engish, Arabic and Urdu.
  • Only electronically submission shall be entertained.
  • Paper in English should be submitted in the MS Word in Times New Roman Format. In Arabic Arail Arabic and for Urdu the Font Noori Nastaliq should be adopted.

Formatting Guideline

  • Title of the paper should be bold, centered and typed in Capital Letters with 13 Font in Times New Roman.
  • Author’s details with 10 font size should be mentioned in center below the Title. The details should contain Author’s Full Name, Designation, Organization Name, City, email ID.
  • A brief description (Abstract) of the paper in Engish (Italic) not exceed than 150 words may be provided. It should reflect the basic idea, theme of the paper. The Methodology, Findings and conclusion in brief should be added as well.
  • Rules of transliteration should be followed strictly.
  • Key Words 3 to 7 listed alphabetically separated by commas with Full Stop at the end should be provided.
  • The page should be 7 inches in width, 10 inches in length and 1 inch margin on all four side. Similarly, the Header and Footer Layout should be 0.5 inches from edge.
  • Manuscript must be between 3000 to 5000 words. The space b/w the lines should not be more than 1.0. The font shall be New Times Roman with 10 point. The material should be free from spelling and grammatical mistakes duly reviewed by an expert.
  • References should be mentioned in the end following the Chicago manual.
  • Author should furnish a brief Biography alongwith the Copy Right Agreement form.