The JISL Journal

 The Journal

The Journal of Islamic Studies and Literature (JISL) is a double-blind peer reviewed, trilingual annual Journal that publishes research articles on all aspects of Islamic studies, literature, relationship with social sciences and their impact on each other. JISL focuses on emerging issues in Islamic studies, literature and social sciences in Pakistan, around the globe. The significance of Islamic education has increased to a great extent in the modern-day world. Religious and spiritual issues have become complex for the common man. Pure and practical research in Islamic education contributes to issues related to Religions and spiritual deeds. 

The Sharῑah & Law Research and Studies Group of KP has launched a research journal namely, ‘JISL – Journal of Islamic Studies and Literature’ to help and contribute to this modern world of religious race. JISL is meant to facilitate research scholars in creating a comprehensive and global understanding of Islam, contemporary thoughts literature and relationship with social science. JISL is excited to welcome academic researchers to get their scientific research published on a vast range of topics of Islamic and Religious Studies i.e. Qurᾱn and the Sciences of Qurᾱn, Ḥadῑth and the Sciences of Ḥadῑth, Islamic Theology, the Islamic Jurisprudence, the Islamic Economy, and Islamic Education, the contemporary Muslim world, Islam and the West, Comparative Religions, literature, social science etc. It publishes manuscripts and articles of faculty members from various universities nationally & internationally, leading scientists, specialists, scholars in Islamic Studies, Literature, social sciences as well as freelancer researchers to publish their manuscripts and research works related to Islamic studies, literature and social science.